Garden of Remembrance – Surname T

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Thair Alexander 09/05/2015 19F B016 yes
Thompson Roger John Bicknell 30/05/2015 18F B018 yes
Thorne Evelyn 05/10/2017 22G B031 yes
Thurnham Giles 23/04/1975 08C A504 no
Timms Ronald 21/10/2017 16F B033 yes
Timms Denise 21/10/2017 16F B032 yes
Titcomb Sidney 22/03/1968 07A A467 yes
Titcomb Edith 17/03/2008 07A A754 yes
Traviss Thelma 02/09/2016 23G B027 yes

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