Prayer Spaces for Grayswood School

Prayers for your Community

Look at the map of Grayswood
Where do you live? Where is your school?
What places do you know? Where have you been?
This is your community. What do you like about it?
What do you think needs to change? Who needs help?
If you want, you can put a heart on the map as a thought or a prayer for someone or something in your community.

Pipe Cleaner People

Think about someone you know, someone in your family or a close friend.
Maybe you know someone who needs help at the moment, or who is unwell?
As you think about what makes this person special to you, make a model of them out of pipe cleaners and if you want to, say a silent prayer for them.

Prayers for the World

Look at the world map.
Do you have family or friends who live in another country?
Have you heard about any of these countries on the news?
If you want to, you can write or draw a thought or prayer for another country, or for someone you know in another country, onto a Post-it note and stick it on the map.

Cardboard Homes

Most of us have nice warm, clean homes.
Many children around the world don’t.
Some children have no homes,
or are forced to move about from place to place.
Sit on the box, or on the sleeping bag under the altar
How would it feel to live in a box like this?
If you want to, write or draw your thoughts
or prayers on the box.

Plastic Planet

The world we live in is beautiful. But slowly humans are destroying the planet. One of the ways we are damaging the world is using single use plastic.
Take some time to read the facts about the world and plastic.
Now read the ways that we can begin to reduce single use plastic.
Take a moment to think about what you could do to help change the amount of plastic in our planet. Then if you would like to you can write a promise or a prayer onto a luggage label and hang it onto the net with everyone else’s promises.

Prayer Wall

In Jerusalem there is a wall called the Wailing Wall where people have posted their thoughts and prayers to God for nearly 2,000 years.
This is our prayer wall.
If you want to, write or draw a prayer on a Post-it note.

Leave an Impression

Smooth the surface of the sand in the tray in front of you and then press your hand into it so that it leaves a clear impression.
Whoever we are, and however we live, we all make an impression on the lives of others.

How you treat people, what you say, what you do, whether you encourage or criticise, it all makes a difference and leaves a mark.

Who are the people who have made a positive difference or left a good impression on your life? Write an initial for each one in the sand.
What kind of impression are you making today on those around you – family, friends, other people you meet?
Is there any way you need to change?

Finally what mark do you hope to make with your life?
When people hear about you, what’s the main thing you’d like them to remember?
Looks, abilities, qualifications, money, family, friendship?
What kind of impression will you leave?

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