Garden of Remembrance – Surname S

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Silcock Joseph 31/08/1990 12F A606 yes
Silvey William James 04/03/1993 02F A685 yes
Silvey Iris Luscombe 28/04/1998 02F A686 yes
Singleton William George 01/08/1996 23C A663 yes
Singleton Rita 01/11/2002 23C A723 yes
Smith Emily 06/05/1969 08A A471 no
Smith Charles Albert 30/12/1999 15C A705 yes
Smithers Nelson 24/05/1989 07E A592 yes
Smithers Daisy Maud 23/06/2003 07E A727 yes
Smithers Rodney 11/11/2006 21D A749 yes
Smithers Christine E 22/12/2020 21D B49 yes-no inscription
Smyth Derek 28/06/2022 20G B059 yes
Squires Richard J 18/09/2015 24G B023 yes
Stacey Jeanette 16/05/2010 23D A765 yes
Steer Christopher 24/12/1974 09A A502 yes
Steer Alice 16/01/1996 10A A658 yes
Steer Mrs A 20A Not in BR no
Stonehouse Douglas 10/04/2014 23F B009 yes
Stonehouse Irene 22/11/2018 23F B041 yes
Stripp Gladys 16/06/1998 21B A688 yes

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