Garden of Remembrance – Surname M

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Marshall Ella 04/03/2004 16D A733 yes
Marshall Florence Ada 06/02/1998 19B A681 yes
Marshall Pamela J 11/09/2014 22F B012 yes
Matthews Leslie 19/09/1972 07C A491 no See 12E
Matthews Mary 26/11/1986 12E A574 yes
Mattingley Annie 23/01/1974 13A Not in BR yes
Mattingley Cyril 25/11/1969 14A A476 no see 13A
McCarthy John (Sandy) 10/12/2020 25A B048 yes
Moore Dorothy 15/04/1982 06D A544 no
Morgan Stanley 23/09/1982 09D A548 no
Mountain Catherine 24/04/1976 01D A513 no

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