Garden of Remembrance – Surname D

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Daniels Raymond 30/10/1969 07B A474 no
Danks Frederick 21/07/1993 07F A640 yes
Danks Rose 29/04/1992 08F A631 yes
Davies Leslie V 23/07/2015 17F B019 yes
Davies Joyce P 23/07/2015 17F B020 yes
Day Ian 05/11/2003 15D A730 yes
Day Lucy 07/11/2001 20C A715 yes
Dove Elizabeth 11/04/2018 17G B037 yes
Downing Betty 18/06/1998 22B A689 yes
Dummer Denis 26/03/1990 06E A599 yes
Dummer Freda 01/09/2005 06E A743 yes

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