Garden of Remembrance – Surname C

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Carrick William Bulmer 01/05/1967 05A Not in BR no
Carrick Lucy 19/10/1983 11D A556 no
Clark Muriel 10/07/1997 24A A676 yes
Clark Ronald 08/06/2003 24C A726 yes
Cooper-Maguire Patricia 16/05/2018 18G B038 yes
Creasey Bernard 13/03/1996 22A A657 yes
Creasey Audrey 20/10/2020 22A B047 yes
Crisp Eileen 30/12/2005 19D A745 yes
Crisp Michael John 06/08/2021 19D B052 yes
Crump Joan died 2004 17D Not in BR yes
Crump Ken 20/08/2005 17D A742 yes
Culhane Michael 17/04/1990 14F A601 no
Culhane Ena 11/07/1990 14F A604 no

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