Garden of Remembrance – Surname B

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Tablet Photo
Barker Sheila 09/06/1994 16A A646 yes
Barker Derek 24/01/2013 16B B005 yes
Belmore Robert 15/11/2013 24F B008 yes
Belton Ellen A (Nellie) 21/07/1998 20B A691 yes
Berry Audrey 21/12/1990 11F A610 yes
Bicknell Kenneth 23/04/1982 08D A547 no
Bicknell Charles 24/10/1994 18A A647 yes
Bicknell Peter 02/07/2004 18D A735 yes
Birch Alan 12/11/1992 03F A632 yes
Bowman N 22C Not in BR no
Brazill Richard 03/01/1997 17B A671 yes
Butcher Roger 14/11/1986 13E A573 no

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