Graveyard – Surname T

Graveyard - Surname T

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Headstone Notes (Photo of Stone - YES)
Talbot Daniel Robert 16/12/1992 W12 A637 no
Talbot Jane 26/11/1987 FF03 A580 yes
Talbot Rose 27/06/1951 Burial location unknown A343
Taphouse Daphne 22/04/1991 HH05 A615 no
Tarran George 01/07/1992 Burial location unknown A630
Tarran Julie 13/03/1991 Burial location unknown A614
Taylor Lucy 25/09/1970 Burial location unknown A484
Thompson Edith 22/09/1960 U06 A412 yes
Thompson Mavis 21/09/1973 U06 A493 no
Thompson Thomas 02/11/1956 U06 A389 yes
Thorne Louisa 07/10/1982 Q05 A550 yes
Thorne Samuel 12/07/1947 Q05 A308 yes
Thurnham Marjorie died 1994 Burial location unknown A650
Tipping Therese 26/10/1953 Burial location unknown A371
Tipping William 22/10/1951 Burial location unknown A350
Titcombe Anthony 11/01/1943 Burial location unknown A261
Toms Margaret 30/05/2019 FF14 B043 yes
Topham Emily 04/01/1926 Burial location unknown A145
Travers Edwin 12/08/1949 Q07 A324 yes
Travers Mary 16/01/1948 Q06 A312 yes
Tubb Frances 20/11/1996 HH08 A668 yes
Tubb Stanley 22/06/1990 HH09 A603 yes
Tucker Adah 25/02/1953 G25 A364 yes
Turner Eliza 31/03/1942 F03 A254 yes
Turner George 27/01/1945 F03 A284 yes
Turner Michael George 27/11/2009 BB01 A761 no
Turner Rosemary P 31/12/2012 BB02 B003 no
Turner Thomas Henry 07/11/1996 Y11 A665 yes

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