Graveyard – Surname G

Graveyard - Surname G

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Headstone Notes (Photo of Stone - YES)
Gammell Mary M 15/06/1998 Burial location unknown A687
Gammell William S 24/05/1997 Burial location unknown A675
Gibbs Rose 06/09/1917 Burial location unknown A089
Giles Arthur 02/05/1960 T14 A406 yes YES
Giles Gladys A died 1998 T14 A692 yes YES
Glennie Douglas 09/05/1951 K04 A341 yes YES
Glennie Edith 18/02/1939 J07 A228 yes YES
Glennie Farquhar 07/07/1922 J07 A126 yes YES
Glennie Mary 20/11/1957 K04 A392 yes
Goldburn Godfrey 09/08/2019 zHH03 B044 yes
Goodson Elizabeth 01/03/1927 Burial location unknown A151
Gorniak Bogdan 23/02/1987 zFF04 A576 yes
Gorniak Lucja 15/04/2013 zFF05 B006 yes YES
Govett Clement died 1914 M06 yes YES
Govett Dorothy 24/12/1927 M05 A154 yes YES
Govett E M07 no
Govett Frances 03/05/1918 M04 A096 yes YES
Greaves Jean Mary D 28/06/2018 zBB15 B039 yes YES
Gregory Edith 28/05/1953 R09 A367 yes
Gregory Herbert died 1927 R09 yes
Gregory Nellie 21/09/1972 R09 A494 no
Griffin Margaret 27/12/1912 Burial location unknown A058
Grist Henry 25/02/1931 G06 A176 yes YES
Grist G05 no

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