Graveyard – Surname F

Graveyard - Surname F

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Surname Forenames Buried Plot No Reg No Headstone Notes (Photo of Stone - YES)
Farnfield Charles 18/08/1968 H14 A468 yes
Farnfield Edith Emily 06/04/1990 H14 A600 yes
Fawcett Helen 01/10/1960 Burial location unknown A413
Figg Albert 14/04/1943 E02 A266 yes
Figg Mabel died 1977 E02 yes
Finlay Moyra Wynne 17/08/2021 zFF08 B053 no
Fitzgerald Mary died 1923 J07 yes
Fletcher Christopher 17/02/1913 C15 A059 yes YES
Fletcher Evelyn 12/10/1918 E07 A100 yes YES
Fletcher Fanny 13/03/1929 D17 A161 yes
Fletcher Thomas 26/04/1945 E13 A290 yes YES
Flowers Frances 04/04/1925 G10 A138 yes
Flowers Francis 30/03/1926 G11 A148 yes
Ford Henry 12/02/1941 F19 A242 yes
Ford William John 12/05/1945 Burial location unknown A291
Forde Christopher 04/04/2011 zBB17 A770 no
Forde Eveline 23/02/1976 zEE08 A511 no
Forde Frederick 24/04/1962 F15 A422 yes
Forde Hubert 20/08/1980 zDD08 A535 yes YES
Forde Marjorie E 11/03/1999 zDD08 A700 yes YES
Forde Victor 23/03/1982 zEE08 A543 yes
Forde Yvonne 27/03/2008 zBB16 A755 no
Forsyth Florence 23/06/1915 J08 A076 yes
Fortt Leon 04/07/1988 zGG10 A583 yes YES
Fowler Margaret 24/11/1952 O03 A360 yes YES
Foy Hubert Louis 12/03/2002 zFF13 A719 yes YES
Foy Susan E 19/12/2021 zHH12 B054 no
Franklin Ena 15/04/1965 Y04 A445 yes YES
Franklin George F 01/10/1999 Y14 A703 yes YES
Freeman Jessie 01/10/1975 zCC05 A505 no
Freemantle Kenneth William 16/02/1993 X10 A639 yes YES
French Austin 19/12/1996 zCC03 A670 yes
French Carol 07/10/1975 zCC02 A506 yes
Frost Emily 24/05/1902 Burial location unknown A006
Fullagar Eliza 29/01/1955 Burial location unknown A378
Galligan Angela Mary 07/02/2005 Burial location unknown A746

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