(12) The Painted Figures of Moses and David

Moses and David

The mural figures of Moses and David flank the East Window. They were chosen as Jesus said "...everything written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms [of David] must be fulfilled." (Gospel of Luke chapter 24, verse 44). The paintings are on linen canvas and according to historic England possibly by Carl Almquist.

Moses with white hair and long beard is shown carrying two tablets bearing the Ten Commandments, identified by their Roman numerals.

David is shown as an older man with royal robes and a crown - as King of Israel. He is attributed with authorship of the Psalms  which would have been sung accompanied by a lyre which he is seen holding.

James Mackie records that in 1955, the condition of the walls and woodwork of the church was causing concern, so a special meeting was convened to consider the matter. A Mr Kirkland Bridge (a well-known church restorer of the time) gave an estimate of £390 for treatment of the woodwork, and colour washing (three coats) of the walls and obliteration of the Moses and David on each side of the East window and the row of church dignitaries on either side of the reredos. Some thought that painting or distempering might not be required although the woodwork should be treated and so at an extraordinary  meeting of the PCC it was decided by a vote "that David and Moses should be left as they are". A narrow escape from irreversible damage.

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