(4) East Window

(4) East Window

The East Window is the work of Swedish artist, Carl Almquist, who was a friend of Axel Haig.

It depicts the Ascension, as described in The Gospel of Luke Chapter 24, verses 44 - 50 and The Book of Acts Chapter 1.

The lower section shows the 11 remaining disciples with Mary against a backdrop of the city of Jerusalem.  "Thy son liveth"

The mid section depicts Christ ascending, surrounded by angels singing and playing instruments.

The upper section shows Jesus ascended to the throne, encircled by the wording "Thou art the king of glory O Christ" and supported by scrolls with "Thou art gone up on high" and "Thou hast led captivity captive" taken from Psalm 68.

A wood panel in the chancel states "This tablet records that the East Window was a memorial to George Knobel Rousby and was the gift of his mother N O H Harman to whose memory the reredos was erected in 1902."



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