New bike rack

Cycle of life

We now have a bike rack outside church for those who want to boost their green credentials and leave the car at home on a Sunday!

• Cycling can be a delight, but for inclement weather remember those waterproof clothes - make them brightly coloured to be sure you will be seen. Don’t forget to fit good lights too.
• Visit one of the route mapping websites to find the quickest, moderate and quietest route alternatives for your journey: or
• Fit panniers, baskets or a trailer to your bike to carry your shopping.
• Learn from the Dutch and select a ‘Cargo bike’ which allows you to carry children and loads in front of you.
• Consider an electric bike if that means you use that, rather than using the car.
• Ask your workplace to install good cycle shelters and showering/changing facilities.
If you need advice about anything cycling visit: They have tips for beginners, for staying motivated in the winter and staying safe in the dark. You will find ideas for
presents, guidance on how to buy a bike (or e-bike) and even the all-essential ‘How to wear a ponytail with a helmet’!

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