Letting the grass grow

For many years, our groundsman has left areas for wildlife and let the grass grow long to encourage wildflowers to bloom ...

Wild Areas: A wild area is left along the South boundary from the Garden of Remembrance to the East boundary the width the same as the Garden of Remembrance. A second wild area is left along the East boundary wall and width stops 8 feet from the last row of headstones. These areas are left uncut until mid August when they are to be strimmed to about 3 to 4 inches high. In Sept and October they are to be mown with the cutters set as high as possible to maintain at 3 or 4 inch grass length as per RHS guidelines.

Spring wild flowers: In various parts of the churchyard wild flowers grow in the grass, these areas should be left to flower, but once the flowers have faded they must be cut down and the area mown or close strimmed as appropriate.

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